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20 de Febrero, 2013 · General

ChristianLouboutin-patent leather sports shoes

Several from ChristianLouboutin new patent leather shoes look very beautiful, candy-colored color is a popular element of this year's hot. Careful observation is not difficult to find, this jazz style of shoes back to the beginning of this year under the spotlight, I think that no matter what kind of color combination boyfriend-style baggy jeans are very good, of course, you can also according to their preferences match small short skirts or hot pants are great! Compared to the style common sports shoes, they may well be a new choice, will make you a single step brilliance. I think they are the ultimate cute very sexy. The charming beauty of shoes, the kind that once you get to wear do not want to come off. For ladies who love to travel, the shoe is a single product not to be missed, not only dressed up very light and comfortable, incorporating the suitcase also very convenient, if you want a light pair of sports shoes, want to incorporate the sense of elegance and fashion sense, then please select these shoes.

This shoe can be described as a combination of two hot trends of the season: bright colors and rivets! From these dual brand christian louboutin wedges not only looks very interesting, as well as the trend of flavor. First of all, I think the the dual product blue boots is the most beautiful color, will bring a touch of bright colors for your fall and winter wardrobe, especially for white-collar women usually love black and gray, occasionally replace some bright color must become bright it will elevate your mood, and I am very fond of the toe at the golden rivet design, unlike large rivet punk style this season is very popular, I think that such small rivets looks also do with flavor, very delicate Sinocalanus. Toe embellishment at the visual finishing touch, of course, the shoe also magenta and black as the selection, if you are still inclined to the basic models of wild color, then choose black, both generous fashion. In my opinion no matter what color, match the jeans will look very good, of course, with a tight-fitting skirt or dress is a good choice!
The 21st century ChristianLouboutin, your shoe less for these shoes? The famous Italian living home brand Kartell recently with the Italian fashion brand. Normaluisa jointly launched plastic ballet shoes "GlueCinderella" series. This design will Kartell into one large plastic brand advantage, and combined with its plastic model injection technology experience to create the same rendering soft, but the color is divided into two "two-tone combination" single-hue two ballet shoes version. Addition contains a variety of fun colors opaque, monochromatic series also contains transparent original Cinderella glass slipper design appearance. Designed to more fully demonstrate the simple lines and solid color philosophy, bright colors, by tailoring and level changes and natural twists and turns of the lines sketched out the feminine foot. Additionally unique waterproof so playing with colors and interesting design, very thoughtful design, both visual and functional dual feelings.
Kartell brand marketing manager, said: "Behind the cooperation program, there is a discovery, it is for me, Kartell is not just a design company, it is a real real real show Lifestyle brand. LorenzaLuti 60 years Kartell has been in the field of plastic experimental occupy the leading position, and succeeded in becoming a public awareness of plastic trademarks Therefore, when I want to start developing some shoes, the most cathartic way of putting our plastic profound into products. normaluisa brand playful, feminine but without losing its timeless classic design style from when it started developing, I liked its design, and it is very natural idea. sincerely hope to be able to be the Cinderella fairy tale to a new day, and this pair of shoes dedicated to the 21st century, every Cinderella. "
Converse opening to its concise detail design and smooth material laugh discount christian louboutin series adds a dash of color for Converse. The modern version of the type in the small details do retro processing, faintly reminiscent of the opening of the classic laugh. The design of the shoes, including antique leather shoe surface, the plus chic goatskin material, the details of the more forward skill. Metal texture of the leather shoe surface and stylish crocodile embossed patterns give this open smile full of publicity and seductive magic. Open laugh Series has always been the shiny details inside design combining the shoes look cool invincible. Are you ready? Party, open laugh the metal shoes you every step Duorenyanqiu. Yes, this shoe is very casual, but absolutely fascinating.
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